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 by Mohamed Hatta Abu Bakar, HMD

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This refers to a series of white spots near the outer rim, which may possibly indicates chronic infection and congestion of the lymphatic system.

  Basically, lymphatic rosary signifies lymphatic slowness and another pick-up of rubbish not being efficiently removed. Like sodium ring or scurf rim, the lymphatic rosary can show as a complete circle, but of glisterning white “beads” like pearls around the iris rim.

  It is possible to have a partial lymph blockage, which shows as just a few spots or beads at the outer rim of the particular zone affected. For example, acute lymph blockage at the right foot may show only few white beads at the outer edge of the right iris at 6 o’clock.

  The colour of the beads may not be white, but yellow or brown. The white rosary beads may mean no more than a basically lazy metabolism which doesn’t readily attempt  menial task like rubbish removal. It may be found together with slow glandular function and some degree of obesity.

   Normally, if the body is unable to clear out this small rubbish pile-up, the colour of the beads deteriorates into yellow which shows some swelling, pain and enlarged lymph nodes occur. If the beads turn into brown, then we have a much more chronic stage of illness.

   According to naturopathy, when the iris is showing lymphatic beads even as serious as the brown stage, it is still possible to burn out the rubbish. Part of the treatment include exercise, iron and zeal plus additional herbs.

 Suggested Remedies

As to homoeopathic treatment, several organ remedies may be suggested. This include Scrophularia, Nat. sulph, Natrum mur., Kali sil., Hypericum, Graphites, Iodine, etc. of all the lymphatic remedies, Scrophularia heads the list. Scrophularia purifies and at the same time reduces swelling while tones up the lymphatic glands. Adding to the remedy, is the Natrum sulph. as it enables the system to discharge and eliminate the associated toxins.


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