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 by Mohamed Hatta Abu Bakar, HMD

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Scurf rim is identified  when a dark line instead of a sodium is found at the periphery of the iris. The rim relates to the skin, i.e. one of the organ of elimination. The existence of this scurf rim shows that the skin is not eliminating toxins and cleansing properly.

   Those who have scurf rim usually are less active, easily get tired, drowsy and not feeling well although they have enough sleep. They tend to be lazy and are easily affected by skin related diseases.

   There are varieties of factors associated to scurf rim. For instance, those who have air conditioning or work in a polluted environment. Probably women who had been wearing nylon stockings for more than eight hours a day also may acquire scurf rim because the stockings will not allow the skin to breath.

Suggested Remedies

   Treatment for people having scurf rim according to iridologista should be through (i) cleansing the liver from the toxic and chemical substances (ii) purifying the blood so as to reduce the likely effect of skin diseases, and (iii) toning the liver.

   The first class liver remedy when there is sluggish function and lack of tone would be Opium. Drainage agents which could be prescribed accordingly are Chelidonium, Cinchona, Conium, Solidago, Carduus mar., Secale, etc.

   If the purpose is to clear the skin, use Kali suplh. In fact, whenever there is scurf rim, Kali sulph may be prescribed together with other remedies associated with particular skin diseases. Other possible remedies are Ars., Iod., Eup. Perf., Ignatia, Formica, Graphites, Sepia, Sulphur, Rhus tox, etc.


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