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by William BOERICKE, M. D.
HBI Homoeopathic Consultant: Mohamed Hatta Abu Bakar, HMD



  In the year 2002/2003, we at HBI Health & Homoeopathy Centre has compiled a CD of eBook contained mainly of our books produced and printed in Malaysia. In our compilation, we have included the Homoeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory of W. Boericke, MD (for free). Very few were able to be distributed.

English is not well-verse for many students or homoeopath in Malaysia. But it is still a reference since homeopathy books in Malaysian language is  very rare. The compilation is hereby extended to the site under Malaysia Homoeopathy Cyber Library.

This compilation acknowledged the Admin of HOMÉOPATHE INTERNATIONAL for the original compilation through the internet and their site: We represented it here with credit to the initiator who made it available virtually.


- Mohamed Hatta Abu Bakar HMD (BIH)]





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